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About the Yreka Seventh-day Adventist Church


We are a rural church in Northern California who's mission is  "Building Bridges to the Kingdom".   Our vision: "Worshiping God, Loving each other, and Serving our community" is what each church member strives for.  

-Education is important to our local church and we support a K-8 grade church school.  

-We are a community involved church and are always looking for ways to help our neighbors.  

-We enjoy each others company and are able to spend time together every second and forth Sabbath of the month fellowshiping at lunch with a group potluck following the church service.  Also a well-attended and fun church campout is planned each June.   

Our Local History:

1941  Hornbrook SDA Church formed just 14 miles north of Yreka.

1949  (Winter) Tent evangelistic meetings held in Yreka.

1950  Hornbrook/Yreka SDA Church was formed in Yreka.

1952-1955  Purchase and construction of the Sherman St. Church building in Yreka.

1961  Fort Jones SDA Church disbanded and joined the Hornbrook/Yreka SDA Church.

1968  Yreka SDA Church School was started with three first grade students of which two are current members of the Yreka SDA Church.

1985  Sherman St. Church building was sold and the Yreka Church  met at the Southern Baptist Church on Oregon St. and the Scott Valley Church met in various homes in Scott Valley.

1986  Yreka SDA Church completed the classrooms and gym at its current location on Payne Ln.  The church school was a priority so it was built first before the sanctuary and the gym was used as a meeting place on Sabbath.

1987  Scott Valley SDA Church completed their church building in Scott Valley.

1994  Second phase of class rooms were built for the growing church school in Yreka.

2016  Yreka SDA Church completed the sanctuary after using the gym as a meeting place for 30 years.


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